Soon come…..

I was one of those who only got light this Sunday before the election, and internet today. Dean could have been worse, but was plenty bad enough….Thanks to Barbados Free Press for good wishes.
Soon coming with post-Portia era commentary…..


4 thoughts on “Soon come…..

  1. The magisterial recounts for two seats (PNP D.K. Duncan vs. JLP Barrington Gray and PNP Harry Douglas vs. JLP Tarn Peralto) are this morning September 11. Until this is done we don’t know if the JLP government has a 2 seat or 4 seat or 5 seat margin….the margin is likely to determine whether this is a two year or five year government….

  2. what a hell if they have to “unswear” in Bruce! I should be writing a book on this……I was watching the ceremony this evening and I realise that Bruce is treading carefully…..

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